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Meet the Chiropractors of Back & Neck Center

Dr. Mike McClaskey | Chiropractor

I attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas. I chose this specific school because of the reputation it had for having the highest quality education in Doctoring. I graduated from Parker University in 2000.

People always seem to ask me, "What made you want to be a Chiropractor?" The truth? I didn't. Chiropractic found me! I have always loved Neurology and was currently pursuing a degree in Neurology at UC Davis: University of California when I had a bad skiing accident.

During my recovery, I received Chiropractic care and I was able to to return to what I loved the most, skiing. That was it for me, I found my calling. Now days, what I love most is my family and taking them skiing with me. I moved to Alaska in 2015.

I am married to an amazing woman with a Master's Degree in Special Education and together we have five wonderful children! As a family we love backpacking, skiing, and hiking any chance that we get.

Enough about me! How can we help you get back to the lifestyle that YOU love?

Dr. Mike McClaskey | Chiropractor

Dr. Brian Stanley | Chiropractor

Dr. Brian Stanley | Chiropractor

Simply put, I was a skeptic.

I had injured myself working as a carpenter and suffered with thoracic pain. Going to the chiropractor changed my entire life. I returned to work quickly without pain and began considering my education in a whole new light.
While attending the University of Texas at Austin, I worked during the summer as a carpenter to pay for school. I originally was a pre-dental/business major. After injuring myself and subsequently being treated by a chiropractor I decided to change my career path and become a chiropractor. Health care through natural means made sense to me early in life.

It was a difficult decision at first to leave one of the top ten business schools in the nation and move to Dallas, Texas to pursue my education at Parker College of Chiropractic. However, coursework like histology, embryology and physiology quickly captured my attention and I never looked back. Easily the best decision of my life.

I graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1995. Since he began practicing Chiropractic, Dr. Brian Stanley has kept up to date on many continuing educational classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care.

Dr. Tyan Payne | Chiropractor

I was born to be a chiropractor.

My life, and even my heritage, has been greatly impacted by efforts of Chiropractic and Massage. My Grandfather before I was born (in the sixties), was injured in a car accident that left him debilitated and unable to work due to extreme pain. After being told that there was nothing that could be done to relieve the pain or fix his injuries via modern medicine, he went to see a Chiropractor on the recommendation of a friend, a last ditch effort of sorts.

His life began to transform back to what it used to be prior to the accident as he followed the Chiropractor's tretament plan over the course of the following months. He went back to work, and became pain free. My Father, who witnessed all of this as a child, grew up and chose the Chiropractic professional after seeing the transformation and change it brought to suffering people in pain. I was born while my Father was in Chiropractic school, and I grew up watching patients flow through his office, leaving with transformed lives.

When faced with the decision of what career to pursue in my life, I felt called to Chiropractic. It was something that impacted my very existence, and my family wouldn't be the same without it. I knew an amazing Grandfather who loved to fish and hike, not one riddled with pain. I bought my Father's Chiropractic clinic in Wasilla and practiced as a Chiropractor for many years. Most recently, I retired from practicing to raise my family.

While still owning the Chiropractic clinic, we have a phenominal team on staff that is devoted to helping you get back to a happier and healthier you!

How can we help you improve your life with safe and natural Chiropractic care? Give us a call so you can take the first step towards better health.

Dr. Tyan Payne | Chiropractor